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Is Email Marketing Effective?

Online marketing strategies typically utilize a multi-platform approach, and email marketing is very popular and very effective.  If done correctly, email marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and share sales, newsletters, ideas, and offers with your subscribers.  Email marketing is changing a lot now, so it is important to fully understand how to make an effective email campaign.

How to use Mailchimp?

The following is an 8 step process for sending a Mailchimp email campaign 

  1. Set up your free mailchimp account
  2. Create a new mailchimp audience
  3. Create a mailchimp landing page
  4. Add a custom domain (paid) or use the free mailchimp url
  5. Encourage people to sign up for your email list
  6. Create a campaign with templates
  7. Send test email to yourself
  8. Send out the email campaign to your subscribers

Is Mailchimp good?​

Mailchimp is among our favorite email marketing platforms for many reasons, but first of all, it is free for audiences with less than 2000 subscribers.  Mailchimp allows you to create landing pages, categorize subscribers in audiences, add tags to subscribers, and send campaigns all for free.  If you decide to pay for Mailchimp, you can create more audiences, and attach a custom domain to your landing page.  This tutorial shows you everything you need to know about creating your first email marketing campaign with Maichimp


How to Advertise on Google

Eight Steps to Advertise on Google:

  1.  Identify your target market
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Research similar ads and identify keywords
  4. Set up your Google Ads account
  5. Create effective ad designs (several variations)
  6. Develop an effective landing page
  7. Run ads in small batches
  8. Analyze results from small batches
  9. Increase budget and iterate until ads reach optimum effectiveness

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