Santrel Media was born out of necessity. In 2017, as Mike and Nate began to scale their online presence, they found an inconsistency in the way that marketing content was being delivered. In an attempt to simplify the marketing industry, we have relentlessly tested, compared, and reviewed countless software and tools. We strive to keep our unbiased reviews factually accurate, and most importantly, something that you can trust as a resource for scaling your brand.


Nate | Co-Founder


Attended Penn State University's school of business until he found massive success with his own digital marketing methods and left college to focus his efforts on expanding his business.  Nate's primary YouTube channel has amassed over 1  million active subscribers. 

Mike | Co-Founder


Started out as a mechanical engineer and physicist before applying those analytical skills to digital marketing development.  After tapping into the tech review industry on YouTube, Mike left his job as an engineer and focused on digital marketing.


After spending years studying and perfecting our online marketing approach, we started Santrel to share our findings.  Between our network of YouTube channels, we have gained more than 120 million views in the past 36 months.

After starting several other channels as well, we believe we have a solid formula to find success on YouTube.  

The Start

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Santrel Media was founded in 2018 but the story started long before that.  Faster internet and more affordable technology is creating more opportunities than ever.  With more and more business being conducted online, digital marketing has grown exponentially.  When looking to expand our online presence, we were frustrated to find relatively few high quality, free resources on the web.  Through much reading, research, and experimentation, Mike and Nate grew several websites, email lists, and YouTube channels.


With an ever increasing shift to online business, now is a better time than any to start your website.  Unlike several years ago, building a website now is easy and does not require any coding or previous knowledge.  We have been making reviews and tutorials to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible


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